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Digital-first marketing coupled with Salesforce CRM technology offers K-12 Schools powerful and exciting ways to solve recruitment challenges. We work with our clients to design, implement, and manage recruitment strategies that yield more good-fit student applicants and meet enrollment goals.

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Who We Can Help

At iMission, we specialize in providing comprehensive marketing and CRM solutions tailored specifically for public, charter, and schools. We help schools enhance their brand and reputation, enabling them to attract a diverse student body through effective and targeted recruitment campaigns and personalized outreach.

If you’re looking to attract right-fit families to your program so you can reach your enrollment goals, we’re excited to help you.

Engage with iMission to help your K-12 charter, magnet, or public school with strategic recruitment planning.

Annual Recruitment Cycle

Instead of concentrating marketing efforts around application deadlines, consistent visibility throughout the year offers distinct advantages in relationship building, audience insights, and adaptability, yielding a competitive edge for schools that see recruitment as a 12-month effort.

The Salesforce CRM platform coupled with powerful communication practices means you can personalize your messaging at scale.

Building Relationships Every Step of the Way

Today’s families expect targeted communication and a seamless experience throughout the recruitment journey. With the right tools, you can deliver the right message at the right time: From automated SMS campaigns to virtual school tours to targeted social media ads, iMission will craft a marketing plan that keeps you top of mind with good-fit families.

Brand & Reputation Enhancement Plan

Brands are built over time with a compelling story consistently told from one year to the next, targeted across different types of media including digital, print, and sometimes broadcast. Your school’s brand must connect to the core reasons why parents pick one school over another. Your reputation enhancement happens through the careful management of online reviews and the cultivation of positive word-of-mouth endorsement.

Our collaborative, data-driven process delivers a strategic brand and reputation enhancement that helps bring more students to your school.

We’re excited to help you reach your school recruitment goals. Let’s get started.

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