Could your nonprofit use a rapidly growing list of new donors? Of course, the answer is a resounding yes!

Turbo-charge your nonprofit’s ability to make our world a fairer, healthier, and more humane place with a growing list of new donors. Each of your supporters connects to a wide network of friends, colleagues, and family members, opening doors to more donors.

The New Economics of Donor Acquisition

The engagement funnel strategy is rooted in a natural and time-tested relationship-building approach. With the added power of technology, it’s a lot like online dating. Online, people can quickly, cheaply, and safely discover those who share their interests. A friendship may stay online with emails, texts, and social networking, but when the circumstances are right and things move offline, the relationship deepens.

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The Engagement Funnel

The engagement funnel follows the same natural progression, but with one important distinction: nonprofits are seeking long-term relationships with thousands of supporters.

The strategy follows a proven three-step process:


  1. Connecting around interests. In large numbers, people with interest in your mission, programs, and services can be actively brought into your online community. Using the engagement funnel, a large number of these online visitors can be converted into donor prospects — people who give you their contact information. Nonprofits are providing value-added reasons to opt-in and become prospects, such as webinars, petitions, quizzes, and contests.
  2. Branding as relationship-building. Nonprofit branding is the process that moves potential donors to be active, long-term supporters. Like relationship-building, branding is a process that builds trust, confidence, and appreciation for your nonprofit. It goes way beyond the logo, the tagline, and the well-told story.
  3. Crafting the asks. “We’ve done good, so please give.” That’s the shorthand for many nonprofit annual appeals. Success in acquiring new donors demands a different kind of ask, one that explicitly shows how a donor’s gift — even a small one — makes a clear and meaningful impact in creating a better world.

A well-crafted ask will encourage many of your donor prospects to make a small gift to your organization. That’s the power that drives crowdfunding — your next wave of major donors will be found in your growing list of prospects and small donors.

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