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Nonprofit Technology Strategy – Find The Right CRM Solution

Technology moves forward, but the organization stays in place. Why? Because although new technology can be powerful, it can’t transform a nonprofit on its own.

At iMission, we partner with nonprofit organizations to help them unlock the potential of technology. 

We offer technology strategy, implementation, and ongoing support for leading nonprofit CRM solutions such as Salesforce, SALSA, Click and pledge, and others.

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Nonprofit CRM Technology Strategy

We help you think through nonprofit technology choices. Then, we help you develop the actionable strategic roadmaps and timelines. Smart tech investments make it easier to attract donors and volunteers, building advocates and growing your outreach.

Implementing Nonprofit Technology

iMission team members will work alongside you and your staff so that new technologies are adopted and used.  We help nonprofits avoid delays and the “bumps in the road,”  securing meaningful, measurable results more quickly and reliably as to use nonprofit technology for greater good.

Update, Upgrade & Optimize

With iMission, nonprofits have a trusted resource to support continued technology updates and upgrades – from websites and social media to donor management system and email marketing.

From multi-factor authentication to streamlining workflows, we can help.

We specialize in bringing nonprofit CRM platform solutions to your nonprofit will help you understand your donors like never before, streamline your way of organizing events, fundraising campaigns and other communications to your supporters.

A few benefits of working with us to find and implement the right CRM Technology for your nonprofit are:

  • Developing marketing and communication automation tools
  • Guiding the implement for your team
  • Highlighting  the power of the CRM software, showing you and your team its usefulness starting day one
  • sharing our many years of experience of implementing nonprofit CRM technology solutions for various clients
Thinking Creatively

Exclusively Nonprofits

iMission works exclusively with nonprofit organizations. We understand how nonprofit techology broadly and specifically CRMS are best used for the work of resource development, communications and data management. Let us help you streamline operations and advance your organizaton’s impact.

Thinking Creatively

Capacity-Building & Empowerment

We get it. Nonprofit technology should be empowering. With iMission’s training and coaching, your teams will embrace the power of engagement technology.

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