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Nonprofit consultants helping generate vital funding

and build communities for change

Helping nonprofits generate vital funding and build communities for change

Strategic Growth Funding

Does your nonprofit need growth funding to expand existing operations or pursue a bold, new opportunity?  We help our nonprofit clients build their case for growth funding. We then help find the funders that can invest in our client’s plan.

Donor Acquisition & Development

We help nonprofits build a growing base of financial support, and we show our clients how to use digital strategies, tactics, and tools to accelerate and sustain this process.

Digital Advocacy, Organizing
& Mobilization

Are you seeking to change policy, advance an issue or stop budget cuts? Online engagement offers powerful opportunities to advocate, organize and mobilize. We help our clients leverage digital power for advocacy campaigns and community-building.  

Nonprofit Branding
& Communications

We work with clients to build their brands, so that people choose to support their organization over the many other worthwhile charities. We help our clients build brands to thrive in the digital age – at lower costs and with greater impact.

Salesforce for Nonprofits

Over 40,000 nonprofits are now using Salesforce. We help nonprofits access, build and upgrade Salesforce marketing, resource development, and program management applications.

Nonprofit Web Design

We are specialists in building empowering and engaging nonprofit websites that balance the stakeholder needs, build a brand, and help the right people discover your organization. Learn more

Search / Email / Text Marketing

We help nonprofits use best-in-class tools to get many more people to their website to take action. Content optimization, Google ad grant management, and more.

Social Networking / Media

Get measurable results, like more donors, clients, volunteers, and advocates, through the power of digital social networking and social media advertising.

Data Analytics, Targeting & Reporting

Data is your friend if it’s usable, understandable, and actionable. We help nonprofits transform data management so resources can be focused and collective accountability attained.

Campaign Management

Put all the digital tools together and couple them with offline engagement to drive stellar results for your nonprofit and its mission.

Who We Can Help

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization might be, at iMission we’re interested in your mindset and attitude. If your organization has an entrepreneurial mindset then we’re excited to help you reach your goals and advance your mission.

What’s an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

It means being drawn to opportunities, innovation and creating value for stakeholders. It can start with a big idea or a smaller initiative.  The entrepreneurial mindset is about believing that change can happen. It’s about saying “yes, we can.” And it’s about knowing that the strategic – even transformative – resources can be found and secured.


The more you know, the more that we will be able to do together and the more lasting the impact.
iMission offers a growing catalog of courses to help nonprofit teams and boards exploit the power of “digital for good.”  On-demand and in-person training programs address the many facets of nonprofit fundraising, advocacy and marketing.

Our Awesome Team


Rob Leighton
Executive Director & Founder

Rob is a nonprofit fundraising, advocacy and marketing strategist. He is passionate about helping social sector organizations build larger, more impactful communities of supporters, to change policy, protect budgets and raise money. His personal mission is help nonprofits exploit the power of digital technology for online and offline engagement. Rob has held executive or board positions in for-profit, nonprofit and the public sector.


Brian Monahan
Director of Web Strategy and Development

As a  multimedia designer, Brian has spent years honing his skills and developing his ability to transfer what the client sees and needs into effective and evocative designs. Brian’s abilities are best put to use in the development of websites and branded materials as well as the overall strategy for achieving the look and feel of a project. Fueled by an endless supply of inspiration, Brian brings the best of the ideas to completion while maintaining an understanding of the overarching needs of the project.


Gopal Maheshwaril
Director, Salesforce Implementation and Integration

Gopal is a certified Salesforce developer with experience with a range of other cloud–based marketing automation platforms. Bringing skills in work process design so that clients can get impactful results “out-of-the-box,” he continues to prove his ability to support on-going development and database requirements.


Lisa Evans
Digital Communications Director

Lisa works to create content and craft engagement strategies to help organizations build their donor bases, communicate with their supporters, and operate more effectively. A publishing industry veteran of 25+ years, Lisa has worked on hundreds of email campaigns, newsletters, websites, and social media campaigns for small and medium-sized companies. Energized by those who constantly work to give back to their communities, Lisa is excited to help define and achieve your nonprofit’s unique goals.

charlie comstock

Charles Comstock
Manager of CRM Services

Charles Comstock is passionate in his belief that data used well can tell the stories of unmet social needs and nonprofit impact. Trained on GIS tools (Geographic Information Systems), Charles is using his data skills for digital mapping, search engine marketing including Google Grant implementation, social media marketing and Salesforce. In 2021, Charles began working on his Salesforce Administrator Certification. Charles is a New Haven Promise Scholar and a Southern Connecticut State University alumnus.

Regina Trible

Regina M. Trimble
Senior Salesforce Consultant

Regina is a Salesforce Certified professional. She brings 15+ years and 75+ delivered cloud-based projects to the iMission team, along with her deep knowledge of the nonprofit, service, and healthcare sectors. Regina’s Salesforce expertise includes the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Health Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud and Community Cloud platforms. Additionally, Regina has managed development and quality assurance projects, as well as solo projects, remote teams and on/offshore development/QA teams. Regina’s strength in managing and coaching clients sets her apart, helping her connect and make a difference for her clients.


Robin Vachal
Salesforce Consultant

Certified Salesforce Administrator and data specialist with over four years NPSP Salesforce experience and over 20 years’ experience working within the nonprofit sector as a Salesforce professional, technology consultant, Executive Director, and Program Director.

Kimoyia Walters

Kimoyia Walters
Digital Marketing Associate

Kimoyia comes to iMission with experience in social media marketing, event organizing, outreach campaings and PR. Her enthusiasm for social justice for Connecticut and national nonprofits brings energy and passion to the team.  Kimoyia’s work focuses on content creation, social media, digital marketing, and events.


Kavita Ajmera
Salesforce Consultant

Kavita, a certified Salesforce Administrator and Developer, brings 10+ years of IT experience leading complex projects which were delivered well on time within budget. Her Salesforce expertise includes Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, Sales Cloud, Nonprofit Success Pack, Service Cloud, Communities Cloud, and MarketingCloud.


Akshay Takale
Salesforce Consultant

Akshay is a Salesforce Certified professional. He brings 10+ years of Salesforce experience to the iMission team, together with a deep knowledge of the business, social service and healthcare sectors. Akshay’s strength in managing client workflows and designing efficient processes helps him make a difference for his clients every day.

Nonprofit Fundraising, Advocacy & Marketing for the Digital Age


iMission consults with nonprofit organizations to design and develop the compelling initiatives that mobilize the support from funders, donors, advocates and activist.


iMission complements our client’s abilities to launch and sustain fundraising, advocacy, and marketing campaigns. We specialize in helping nonprofits integrate traditional marketing and community-building approaches with new digital technologies and engagement tactics.


iMission empowers nonprofits teams and boards with our results focused training programs. We blend online on-demand learning with in-person programs so organizations can quickly move from learning to action.


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Lisa Evans-Director of Digital Communications

iMission Institute is pleased to announce that Lisa Evans has been named Director of Digital Communications. Lisa joined Rob Leighton and the iMission team in early 2020 as a Digital Associate, and quickly set to work managing and developing marketing campaigns,...

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