Nonprofit Strategy Consulting

Because there's so much good that needs to be done

Nonprofit Strategy Facilitation 

A good strategy lets nonprofits do more good. A great strategy enables nonprofit teams to do even more. Let us help you and your board move your strategy from good to great.

Actionable Nonprofit Strategic Plans

Use our action-oriented strategic planning process to create consensus, implement effectively and drive results.  Help your board and staff become better strategists.

Funding Your Nonprofit Strategy 

Get the resources for strategic investments in people, programs, and technology that every successful organization requires to keep pace and increase impact.

Getting strategic is a process

Shifting strategy is a healthy mind-bending undertaking.  iMission’s signature process for developing nonprofit strategy blends facilitation, analytics, and training with initiatives designed to secure the funding needed for success.  

Signs of a Great Nonprofit Strategy

A great nonprofit strategy:

  1. Is easily conveyed to staff, members, donors and more
  2. Ignites the passions of those who implement it
  3. Is aligned with stakeholders who care enough to open their wallets
  4. Is clear about ends and flexible about means
  5. Is activated and defined by some details, but not too many (leave that for the shorter term plans and annual budgets)

Don’t Put The Planning Cart Before
Strategic Horse

Good strategists outperform even the very best planners!

Working with iMission, your nonprofit team and board members not only craft more impactful strategies, but also become better strategists.

Want to learn more about iMission Institute? Give us a call at 203-747-8042 or email us at – we’d love to hear from you!


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