Welcome Pia Roeser to the iMission Team

Say hello and welcome to the newest member of the iMission expert Salesforce Consulting team! 

Pia Roeser has joined iMission as a Salesforce Consultant, bringing nearly a decade of experience and expertise in helping nonprofits harness the power of Salesforce, as well as other specialized CRM and SaaS platforms. 

Pia works directly with nonprofit teams to optimize their Salesforce instances, streamlining operations and supporting organizational growth. Pia’s remarkable skill in understanding client needs and implementing creative solutions is apparent to everyone with whom she works.

As a firm believer that technology like Salesforce should be an enabler, not a barrier, to the success of nonprofit clients, Pia says her goal is to make that possible by understanding their unique needs and building solutions that are both effective and affordable.

The most rewarding aspect of my work is undoubtedly the moment when we unveil a solution to our clients and witness their excitement as they grasp the new possibilities it offers and the positive impact this solution will have on their organization,

Pia Roeser

Previously with Building One Community, The Center for Immigrant Community, Pia is excited to work with the diverse range of iMission clients across the United States.

Pia has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kempten University of Applied Sciences in Germany, where she was raised. Now based in Darien, CT, Pia enjoys spending her free time in the outdoors, usually with her dog Milo, and playing the German card game Doppelkopf. 

Want to get in touch with Pia? Connect with her on Linkedin!

About iMission Institute

iMission is a social sector marketing agency and a nonprofit technology consulting firm. We offer marketing and technology strategy consulting as well as campaign and technology implementation services. Our clients include nonprofit organizations, health and human service providers, schools, municipalities, and social enterprises. To discuss how we can best meet the needs and aspirations of your organization, please contact us.

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