Integrated Marketing for Nonprofits


Integrated nonprofit marketing aligns development, communication and advocacy to excite people to support a nonprofit. iMission helps nonprofits align these activities, define their brands, bring them to market, and deliver a return on investment – both in terms of dollars spent and mission advanced.

Build Your Brand

iMission helps nonprofits build their brand, for awareness, loyalty, and support among critical constituents.

Construct the  Campaigns

Convert your brand power to tangible benefits with campaigns – for giving, advocacy, clients, and volunteers.

Craft Calls to Action

Craft compelling reasons for people to take action with storytelling, data and a stakeholder-centric focus.

Website Development

We are specialists in building empowering and engaging nonprofit websites that balance the stakeholder needs, build brand and help the right people discover your organization. Learn more

Social Media & Search Advertising

Tired of social posting that does not get engagement?  Ready to double the number of visitors to your website?   We can do it for you or show you how.

Content Creation

Creating the calls-to-action and appeals – emails, direct mails and the personal pitch – that get people to take action is both an art and a data-driven science.  We create the content works.

Brand Positioning

How does your nonprofit distinguish itself in its supporters mind? Does that match the promise that you want to project? Brand position defines the promise. Then, the integrated marketing campaigns that reinforce that positioning can developed and launched.

Have Questions? Lets Grab a Coffee and Chat

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