Nonprofit Fundraising

People-Centered Donor Development for the Digital Age

Acquire New Donors

Plug-in to the power of online search & social networks to  engage with the people most likely to become new donors

Qualify, Cultivate, Steward

Build donor relationships and your brand by linking communications, development, events and advocacy.

Secure Gifts, Large and Small

Develop the campaigns and appeals that appeal to your range of donor segments, large and small, young and old.

Learn about the digitally-powered, people-centered engagement funnel strategy. 

Tap into the iMission Institutes Training Center. Videos and downloadable worksheets cover new donor targeting, nonprofit branding, crafting appeals, recurring donations and planned giving.

Strategic Social Networking

Social networking gets friends to engage their friends. It’s about turning individual supporters in your community builders.

Let us help you get strategic about social networking, online and offline

 Give us a call 203-747-8042 or you can email us.

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