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Did you know that Google offers a $10,000/month advertising grant to nonprofits?

It’s true! Using a Google Ad Grant, your nonprofit can drive increased traffic to your site and build an engaged audience to help support your cause.

iMission Institute can help you set up and manage your Google Ad Grant while your nonprofit and community focus on your programs! Get more info on our Quick Start program now!

What’s included in our Quick Start program?


  • Account Audit / Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Grant Retention Best Practices
  • Account Management Support
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Complete Grant Application Process &  Troubleshooting

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What Are Google Ad Grants?

Google has generously been providing up to $10,000/month of search advertising to qualified nonprofits.

What could your nonprofit do with $10,000 of free advertising every month?

  • How many volunteers could you recruit?
  • How many new donors could you attract?
  • How many new people could you find to support your cause?
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Use the power of Google search to find people in your community who are ready and able to volunteer their time and energy.

Build a campaign and find new like-minded people who want to support your organization.


What’s holding you back from finding new donors? People need to hear about your work in order to donate.

With Google Ad Grants, you use the tools available in Google Ads to find new people, increase your website traffic, and grow your donor list.

You can also link your analytics and retarget existing donors for repeat donations!

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Grow Your Digital Presence

Your ad grant campaigns raise your organization’s visibility and digital presence.

Ads make more people aware of your work and can link them directly to your volunteer opportunities or donation page.

Getting more people to your site helps to spread the story of the good work you’re doing.

More Clicks = More Awareness

Share Your Story

Every nonprofit has a story. With a Google Ad Grant, you can show exactly how your mission came into being. Don’t wait. Get started today!