Build a Nonprofit Website That Drives Results

Your nonprofit’s website is the face your organization presents to the world.

Learn how your website can become a more powerful force for fundraising, community engagement and brand building.

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Build a Nonprofit Website That Drives Results

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December 7th, 2021, 2pm EST

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  • What you need to know to conceptualize a website design/redesign.

  • How to plan a website design/redesign project.

  • Best practices for managing a website design project.

  • What to expect from the site design process.

  • Ideal ways to achieve the goals you set for your website.

Who we are and what we do

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Brian Monahan, Director of Web Strategy & Development

As a  multimedia designer, Brian has spent years honing his skills and developing his ability to transfer what the client sees and needs into effective and evocative designs. Brian’s abilities are best put to use in the development of websites and branded materials as well as the overall strategy for achieving the look and feel of a project. Fueled by an endless supply of inspiration, Brian brings the best of the ideas to completion while maintaining an understanding of the overarching needs of the project.

About iMission Institute

We are nonprofit consultants helping generate vital funding and building communities for change. Our expertise lies in helping nonprofits transform by embracing digital technologies. Things we do: create effective and impactful web design, implement Salesforce for Nonprofits to streamline processes and increase fundraising effectiveness, craft successful SEO/SEM, email, peer-to-peer, social media and Google Ad Grant campaigns for donor base expansion, magnify growth funding opportunities, develop grassroots advocacy campaigns, and more. We work with nonprofits small and large to focus on how smart use of technology can amplify and grow your message, doing good, better.

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