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8 Signs Of A Great Nonprofit Strategy

A great nonprofit strategy defines clear and reinforcing principles for engaging with and succeeding in our changing world. Nonprofit executives use strategy for everyday decision-making. Board members use strategy for effective governance, at every board meeting....

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Fundraising Success with Millennials (and GenZers)

A joke is going around in the fundraising circles. It’s one boomers find humorous, millennials not so much. Here it is. “How do you get a millenial to give?” Long pause. Then the punch line. “Wait till they’re 45.”​If you’ve been fundraising and focused on big donors,...

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Benefit Corporations: Lessons from Nonprofits

It is still relatively rare for a private company board to think about social impact. Benefit corporations, a for-profit organization that explicitly seeks to pursue both private and public benefits, are becoming more popular. Their social entrepreneurs can learn...

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5 Ways to Accelerate Salesforce Adoption

First impressions are critical for success with Salesforce for Nonprofits adoption. Once formed, first impressions are often difficult to change. A bad initial experience with Salesforce can leave a team member with a lasting resistance.  A positive initial experience...

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Direct Mail Fundraising in the Digital Age

Does nonprofit direct mail marketing still have a place a place in nonprofit fundraising in the digital age?  You bet it does! Connecting with potential donors with different types of touches – email, social, direct mail, events, and the in-person meeting – works to...

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Recurring Donations: Imaging the Power

  How sweet would that be? You just kick back and let the cash flow in...Like any nonprofit fundraising, it's not quite that simple. But it is absolutely worth your time to create a sustainable income stream with recurring donations.   How to Make the Dream...

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